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Product Suppliers

What are AFRIVANA’s criteria for selecting suppliers? AFRIVANA partners with suppliers who support our mission to provide the absolute best service at the lowest possible sustainable cost to our customers. We seek suppliers who are focused on quality, innovation, scalable solutions, and service, with financial strength, and supply and cost risk management capabilities, in support of our overall strategy.

How do I become a supplier to AFRIVANA? If you are interested in working with AFRIVANA,Complete a Supplier Application and we will be in touch with you shortly. After our initial discussion, if we both feel like there is a potential opportunity to partner, we will ask that you complete an AFRIVANA Supplier Participation Agreement (our general terms and conditions) and our Strategic Sourcing team will work with you to review capabilities and identify opportunities to participate in sourcing events.

How do suppliers work with AFRIVANA? Our Strategic Sourcing team is organized by key categories, so when working with AFRIVANA, you will be aligned with one of our category experts who will be your primary point of contact. Our category expert will work with you on contracts supporting existing products, pricing of those products, identification of new opportunities, and collaboration on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) projects to optimization specifications and costs on existing products. Many of our suppliers also have close working relationships with the brand teams that AFRIVANA supports, providing innovation, research, development, and commercialization assistance to those brand team members as the brand sees fit.

What benefits do suppliers receive working with AFRIVANA? Why do suppliers want to partner with AFRIVANA? AFRIVANA is a purchasing co-operative with committed members and volumes. When working with AFRIVANA, suppliers have the benefit of knowing that we have committed customers, which often translates into consistent or growing volumes. If you seek to partner with innovative organizations, you will have that with AFRIVANA, and we value our partnerships greatly as we know they make both of our organizations better and more innovative. If our values of being Dedicated, Collaborative and Proactive resonate with you, or if you recognize our key behaviors of Respect, Integrity and Ownership in your own organization, we think you will find AFRIVANA a good partner in mutually supporting our end-customers.

How does communication between buyers (customers) and suppliers work? AFRIVANA is in regular communication with the buyers and/or supplier brand teams. While much of our buyer communications typically go through our AFRIVANA team members, our suppliers may have other opportunities to communicate directly with buyers at events such as tradeshows or conferences.


  1. Complete a Supplier Application
  2. Sign Supplier Agreements
  3. Fulfill Purchase Order(s)

*Export Training Program required without proof of past Exports. No exceptions.


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